Feb 2, 2011

A Little Helpless

As many of us either celebrate Lammas or Imbolc, my focus and heart is drawn to the horror that is again in the process off unfolding in Queensland here in Australia. We have friends and colleagues based at Cairns Navy Base - HMAS Cairns - I have fear for their well being as I do for every other person in this cyclones path. It is the second disaster to hit this state in less than a month and it leaves me feeling helpless to watch it unfold. It is my hope that this may via off or loose momentum as they sometimes do.
To those of you who read my blog, I ask that you lift up these folk either in prayer or positive thought, that they may be safe against  the odds.


Monique Elisabeth said...

I do hope everyone will be ok. I will be thinking of you all.
Here in The Netherlands we know what this is.
Today is remembrance day of the great flood in 1953.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your fellow countrymen !!

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