Feb 25, 2011

A Heart Beat

Have you ever been torn whether to post something or not? I have had this feeling this week. I doubt there is anyone who has not heard about the devastating effects of the earthquake in New Zealand. I turned on the tv when I first heard, it was not until I seen the first image of Christchurch cahtederal that I really understood what had happened, I sat shocked and shaken at the mess that was once a city I roamed, at the beautiful cathedral whose shadow I sat in on many a warm Christchurch afternoons while listening to "The Wizard" . I am like many others having trouble getting my head around the fact that that so much gone now.

We have family still in Christchurch, so far we have had news of one, the others we are sure are fine even though we have heard no news.. watching the news reports are hard, while Australia is now home, New Zealand is the country of my birth and I find the constant replaying of the same thing, upsetting especially with some of the reporting that goes with it...
My heart is with each person there, those hurting, those searching and those missing.. and with my family still back there... and as my daughter said on facebook.. I am blessed to have my family,  a roof over my head, food on the tabl, I may not have all I want but I do have what I need - let these things not be taken for granted, for in a heart beat they can all be taken away.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Very wise words from your daughter ♥

Moncha said...

my thoughts are with the people too. This is so very awful. I hope healing can begin, together with mourning those poor people who were lost in this disaster.

Anonymous said...

I live in our beautiful ChCh & even I am thankful.... This will be the worse thing ever I hope I face & we have a long road ahead but my family & I aint leaving & will still be here when our new beautiful city grows but we will never forget those precious people & beautiful buildings. Thank you for your thoughts. I love your blog

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