Feb 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah

 12 weeks old and looking worried

Sarah at 10 months, you walked a month after this was taken.. Want to say something about the tongue, but I won't.

Your first birthday

18 months old here with Caleb, and Peter Puppy

2 years old Aunt Christine's wedding - hope you don't do what you did at this wedding when it is your turn.. scream and run crying down the aisle..
Growing up... 11 or 12

Christmas - it was freezing so we lit the fire and you made a nest

things that make you go hmmmm
A very spacial photo with Nana
Beautiful..inside and out.
29 today

Happy Birthday to my daughter... a gorgeous, talented, wise and beautifully spirited woman. Who has the ability to make me stand in awe sometimes at the wisdom she shows beyond her years... who makes me laugh, who encourages me to laugh at myself, who shows kindness and respect to all she meets.. May you be blessed Sarah every day of your life.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

A beautiful girl! Happy birthday Sarah xx

Hailey Marie said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!

Sarah said...

Thank you very much Sue, Joe and Michael for the birthday wishes.

I've had a lovely day with my mum and Derek :)

Sarah said...

Hi Hailey, thank you for your birthday wishes also :)

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