Jun 8, 2010

Tea drinking, Hippie

I love my family - however any quiet, quality time with my husband is something treasured by me. We have done the hard yards, spending months and on the odd occasion up to a year at a time apart. We don't have a huge social life nor eat out often, so I felt quiet blessed that a week ago we actually escaped and got to go out for breakfast at Bettyblues a real live Bistro, where there were lots of champagne and orange juice drinking adults enjoying each others company, minus any kid inspired madness, with some of the best cafe food I have eaten in a very very long time. I sat content with perfect company, replete after munching my way through thick sliced sour dough toast topped with fresh field mushrooms, spinach, poached egg and then drizzled with perfect hollandaise sauce. With the winter sun glistening on the blue waters of Cockburn Sound, I took a minute to pay attention to the tea in the cup I was cradling in my hands.
Yes, I did say tea cup and for those who don't know me personally will realize the irony of such a thing, as all my life I have been a hard core coffee drinker. These days though I can barely manage to down one coffee in the day without gagging, this seemed to transpire after deciding after a year to stop taking HRT - if your curious this is how me & HRT came to be .. I drink numerous herb teas these days Fennel, Oat Straw, Cinnamon and my favorite Green tea. I digress though..
This clear green liquid I was sipping was wonderful, and I decided while trying to discreetly peer into the teapot to see what the leaves looked liked, I would find out what type of green tea this was and where to get it, the wait staff happily gave me the information, after a little searching later that day I found it online and ordered some. I had really hoped it would have arrived in the post here on Friday, *sighs* it didn't though. While dunking a make do teabag into a mug of boiling water yesterday, I mentioned my disappointed to my husband, his silence made me look up.. he had a look of mirth all over his face and after much coercing to what he found so amusing - he said "Your turning into my tea drinking, hair growing, hippie" After smacking him around with my soggy tea bag for a bit, I told him not to stereotype it was shallow - not all hippies drink tea nor opt for doing the natural look... he was laughing when I told him I have no problem with going Au la natural .. "Sounds like a challenge to me" he says - I am proud to be an aging, tea drinking, feral, hippy chick.
Personally, I think he is just a little jealous, that he has to wait until he leaves the Navy before he can find his old hippy lifestyle roots, go feral and grow a ZZ Top beard...

Random Little Things:
Two things I love, potted plants and pottery..this hand made pottery cat has traveled thousands of with me - from the potters by car, between countries by ship, over land by train there isn't another one the same so it is one of my wee treasures and funnily enough the other treasure is the wicker basket, 50cents at a car boot market, makes a perfect home for my Ivy.


The Redhead Riter said...

I'm terrible with plants in the house, but great with them in the yard. I even somehow kill every plant I've ever taken to work :o(

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