Jun 15, 2010

Nasty Goreng & Cinnamon Buns

I wonder if Nasi Goreng was actually an Emperor in China before he was a take out meal? Was he supposedly famous for his inventiveness of the Chinese cuisine, taken to a whole new level called Indonesian cooking or was he just the figment of a telephone companies imagination? No matter how he came about, I wonder if the person who created this Indonesian dish knew what would be going on in my kitchen with their signature dish and how it got a new name in our house!
About 6 months ago, I decided to make a home made, take out meal - Nasi Goreng, as we all are huge fans of Asian cuisine... so I lovingly gathered the ingredients, rice, chicken, prawns, onion, soy sauce naming but a few and then assembling a wonderful array of fragrant spices... with great care they where added in order to a heated pan, the smell was wonderful and tantalizing.. the colour of the rice turned a beautiful and appetizing, golden colour.. it looked and smelt fantastic.
The table was set, the kids waiting eagerly.. we sat to steaming bowls of this Indonesian loveliness, my DH popped a spoon into his mouth and moaned in gastronomical ecstasy... the kids and I watching him having near spasms over his favorite dish, we decided this has to be a good thing, in unison we scooped and chewed and hesitated and stared and as our eyes met and watered and blinked, we simultaneously and very non graciously spat said rice right back into our bowls, totally speechless and gasping with Chili induced breathlessness..... as DH looked at us like we had grown two heads, I frantically spooned yogurt into the mouths of the kids, trying to quench the after burn of this very spicy Nasi Goreng.
As I served toast and baked beans to Miss 11 she looked at me with watery eyes and said "That was very Nasty Goreng" my husband ate quiet content, muttering that it tasted just like it did *up top*
The name the kids gave that dinner has stuck and I often, as I did today make my husband this Nasty Goreng. It goes into containers to be frozen for those times he doesn't want to eat in the Mess...

Along with his Nasty Gorseng, I made some very tasty Cinnamon Rolls. Oh My Goodness they where divine. I got the recipe from Slow Living Essentials, Christine is such a source of culinary inspiration. I have to admit mine do not look as glamorous as Christine's, did, somehow I think I need to ask her how she maneuverer's these buns from dish to rack without mishap *laughing* have you ever noticed that other peoples recipes nearly always look just a little bit better than our own *smiles*


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