Jun 10, 2010

Will you meet us at the water?

How self absorbed are we? How many of us get up in the morning, throw on a robe and go about our morning routine, before maybe getting in our cars and driving to work, thinking about nothing more than what we can see in front of us or what might happen during the course of our days. I know a lot of people who don't turn on a radio or a TV or pick up a paper because it's to negative, ( I do however, respect their right to do this) Sound familiar? I think we are all guilty of it from time to time.. Many people brush the disasters off with "Oh it doesn't affect me or "Oh that's such a tragedy, but what are we all supposed to do about it? " and then not giving it a second thought.
Yes, Somethings are out of our control, somethings leave us feeling angry hurt and helpless - but it doesn't mean we should bury our heads in the sand and hope it all just goes away.. because it won't and it doesn't.
This morning I cried, as I sit here I feel like my heart could break..I feel angry, sad, helpless - Why? not only because I have seen this on a smaller scale on my own doorstep but just
because 15 Congressional committees are investigating the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, just because the drilling has been paused and not stopped, just because BP apologised to it's share holders and just because all the talk will not save my Earth Mother, her coastlines, her coral, her marine life, the health of the people living along her shores nor the clean up crews, nor this pelican...

Not Hannah over at Divining Woman has written a powerful post, click here to read her post, and moved to unite us all on the 12th of June.

Will you meet us at the Water?


Mother's Moon's Message said...

It is amazing at the response to this. thanks for your post

Not Hannah said...

THANK YOU! I am so glad to see somebody on the other side of the world getting involved. This is just...amazing.

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