Jun 5, 2010

Just rambling really..

My son's friend from New Zealand arrived today, so our nest has stretched to house one more for a week until they move into their apartment next Friday, so here we sit on a Saturday night here on Foundation Day weekend, our tummies are full of home made chicken burritos and we are all feeling a bit roly poly - there is Miss 11 laying on the couch yawning after her afternoon at the beach , Mister 14 doing the X Box thing in the family room, Mister 27 and his g/f watching a DVD , my husband engrossed in Monster Movers on the TV, and me taken to reading blogs, which I enjoy since I am totally fed up with the baby blanket I am trying to knit, for now I am over trying to get my head around the circular needles I am so not used to using and a pattern that would try the patience of a Saint.
I have found this great little place on the web called BlogFrog where some very cool bloggers have communities. It is well worth a visit and some of these amazing woman have also inspired me to tidy up and do a bit more with my blog. So I have added a few pages with some photos check them out here, I love looking at other peoples photos and secretly I think others have the same curiosity as I do... For sometime I have had another blog where I have been putting numerous recipes and interesting bits and pieces, however it can be hard enough finding enough time in the day to commit to one blog without trying to find time for two, so when I get my head around linking together pages in a blog I am going to slowly start adding them here to Butterflies and Breezes. *smiling* it should be easy one would think since I used to design web sites and have illustrated books as a job, funny how talents left unused over the years can corrode away wand leave you wondering if you still have the ability to do something you used to... I might also open Photoshop and make a Wendyified blog back ground.. so ladies thank you for inspiring and letting me share a small portion of your lives within your blogs.. and thats all the not so interesting rambling from me for one day..

Random Little Things:

This is my kitchen window ledge, and it is home to some of my wee treasures, like the little *Herb* trowel which was given to me by my daughter for Christmas, whenever I look at the afternoon sun high lighting bits and pieces up here, it always gives me a feeling of homeliness.


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