May 16, 2011

No warm fuzzies today

What a weird old weekend it has been, a huge power cut that seen me tossing just about every dairy product I had in the fridge out.. Mister 15 left for his Year 10 camp..they left the school at 4.45am flying to Sydney then onto the Gold Coast.. what ever happened to camping? I have woken up with hay fever in autumn and a case of the heebie jebbies over the continuing saga of hip and spine..
I have in the last few weeks been diagnosed with spondylitis in my spine, sacroilitis and a laberal tear of the hip.. while everyone thought the pain in my lower back was related to the hip, a very observant radiologist picked up a problem with my 'other bits' while looking at my hip. The specialist is confident that my symptoms and the radiographers random findings match, so I am having more tests to see if I have the marker for the disease Ankylosing  Spondolititis. I am having more xrays to make sure my spine has not started to fuse.  I hate waiting around for answers,one answer I do have though is I am looking at surgery for my hip either a total replacement or hip resurfacing and today I am having a fluoroscopic investigation of the joint and some cortisone into it, so I can at least function or get some relief.  Not sure how I went from a sore hip to all of this...  I am not having warm fuzzies about any of it.  In fact I would rather be having my teeth extracted with barbecue tools.. and thats all I have to say about that.


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