May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

A Blessed and Happy Mothers Day to you all...
It has been a quiet and pleasant day here today so far, Mothers Day started off with coffee and cards, which were lovely  Both cards made em spring a wee leak with their well chosen words and sentiment. My husband cooked us all a good old fashioned if not calorie laden breakfasts, scrumptious.
I have had time to potter in the kitchen making a boiled fruit cake still in the oven, and I also made solid lotion bars for an order..
Now.. sitting here with a mug of hot lemon and green tea, while the late autumn wind and rain whistle through the trees outside.. but I can still hear Jean Auels new book The Land of The Painted Caves calling me.. a gift that was a long time  in the coming.  Thank you Derek for my copy..


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