May 17, 2011

DTE Cloth Swap

Over at the Down to Earth Forum we have had a dish cloth swap going on..  I got a wonderful package from Marnie over at her site  Noonee Wilga  ( an Aborginal name that she explains the meaning off - beautiful) she sells a pretty amazing range of eco items for woman, babies and toddlers, (menstrual pads, breast and nursing pads, moontime cups and lots for bubs too) stop by and pay her a visit, as it is hard to find good eco products like this.. there is also a substantial link page to DIY sewing.. please pay a visit... but I digress, Marnie sent me her first ever dish cloth and I am proud to be it's owner, almost to pretty to be used.. along with the cloth came two very nifty reusable makeup removing pads.. here are a couple of photos, unfortunately one is blurred, took it with my phone as the camera batteries were flat..

Aren't the colours lovely, this has inspired me to learn to crochet.. Thank you Marnie for a lovely swap.


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