May 14, 2011

Lights out

The weather has been a little stormy over the last few days and  last night at 6.40pm while putting together pizza for dinner.. the power went out amidst a huge gust of wind and squall of rain.. we thought it would come back quickly, but on the trip to the train station 5 minutes away to get my daughter Derek was stopped by the bases fire dept, as there were power lines fallen onto the road. He came home and got a torch and walked through the golf course to get her and while I lit all the candles we had.. it was quiet cosy.. knowing the power would be out for a little longer than first assumed, my thoughts turned back to dinner and the pizza half made and no oven..I could wait it out and hope the family didn't fade away from lack of food, or I could improvise, adapt and overcome. I chose the latter.
While I had no electric oven,  I did have a gas hob and a large fry pan. So with candles all about the stove, I put the pan on the hob and let it heat up fairly hot, then slide the first pizza into the pan.. I could hardly see and had no idea what was happening on the bottom of the dough, all I could do was rotate the pan and hope for the best.. When I found the other torch I had a peek under the pizza base it was perfect, but the top was a bit lacking.. some might call it sacrilegious, I call it doing what ya gotta do.. I flipped that sucker over and fried the top. How do you tell if the top of your now fired pizza is cooked? You don't you flick it out when it smells about right- and feed it to hungry teens..I got raving reviews from the kids, but knowing teenagers will eat anything thats not bolted down even if it isn't easily identified,.I wasn't convinced..this time they were right and my doubts were unfounded because it was pretty damn good pizza and the base was perfect. Not bad for pizza in the dark..
As for the power, it came back on 18 hours later, after the lines were replaced and the frazzled sub station was repaired.. I am glad I didn't wait...


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