Oct 4, 2010

Pending ...

I am looking forward to this coming week.. I do at times feel a little guilty for saying I am going to enjoy a week without kids in the house. Do other parents say that or is it a sometimes insane nearing 50, step parent trait? Anyways, the two young ones are at my Dh's sisters and then going on to their maternal Nana's for a few days.
D has got 3 days leave, so we are going to spend sometime getting things ready for DHA's  pre-removal inspection on Friday. I always keep the place clean and tidy as well as good repair, but there are a couple of places where a little paint got scrapped of the wall with furniture, as well as a cat who takes great delight in swinging of the mesh security door/fly screen so that needs to be fixed.. the rest of the time we are just going to spend sometime, enjoying each others company.
Early yesterday morning I went to let the dog out for his morning potty run, and thought how quiet the yard seemed, we re homed all my aviary birds on Saturday and it is very quiet now without there chatter. Some of the larger plants (standard hibiscus) are ready to be moved to my MIL's and an array of smaller plants will be going to their new home in a couple of weeks. Flights and kenneling are all booked for Mister P and Dimmy so that is one less thing to worry about.
If you have never had a Military posting, where you have to up and move everything you own (kids, cars, animals, house lots) across the country or sometimes over seas, you won't fully grasp how you can feel like your in a holding pattern after getting your posting orders - everything seems to be "pending" the waiting for inventory managers, waiting for pre removal inspections, waiting for pre pack inventory inspections, waiting for disturbance allowance, waiting for DHA home find access, waiting for pre pack, waiting for uplift - then like a blast of compressed air everything is shot out at once.. and off you go. Sometimes bumpy and sometimes smooth, we have had both.  It is an interesting and at times white knuckled exercise in tolerance and patience, not to mention one of most insanely stressful things apart from deployment a Military wife/husband can go through.
We are living in a street with several Navy families, our direct neighbors left last week and by the end of next month there will only be civilians left, we are all posting out.. so I know I m not alone in this madness - so you can see why 3 days with my husband is going to be rather nice.
And just because I can, Im going to plug my other blog - my Made It shop blog.. there are some photos there of what else I have been doing. I was going to post it here but just ran out of time...  The reason for the second blog is I would like to be able to actually sell off it when I am more established. here is the link.

Random Little Things
Not sure why I took this photo, just one of those moments I guess or perhaps artistic license - yes  I prefer the latter, it doesn't make me look quiet as eccentric for having a camera in the closet with me. What? you mean you have never thought about photographing the inside of your clothes closet? 


Enchanted Moments said...

Im sure all will go smoothly for your next move, enjoy your few days of quiet...mmm
I can relate...I think all mums can.x

Lyn said...

I think parents are insane if they don't want some time away from the kids! Enjoy the time with your husband ;-)

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Good luck with the move wendy. Joes sister was an army wife, 3 times an army wife!! She moved about a bit, in more ways than one lol! I remeber her mentioning the 'marching out', I htink that was what they called it when they left a home.
And it's perfectly normal for near 50 years old to want time away from the kids! Just as they like to be away from parents! I rather liked the time away as a near 30 and 40 year old too! haha! :)

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