Oct 19, 2010

On My Feet..

I have had a few emails and messages asking how I am doing and if I am ok, as I haven't posted here for  a day or three.. I am up and about.. feeling a bit better every day but still taking it a bit easy.. well not today maybe. Today I over did it a wee bit perhaps. I did have good reason.. well in my mind. You see when I was confined to bed with nothing but the laptop for company, I heard the distant call of a bit of online shopping, I thought it might be good for what ailed me.. sooooo I shopped at a couple of me favourite places.. Heirloom Soap Supplies and Aussie Soap Supplies  what you see a pattern forming? Maybe just a liddle one.. well yesterday my treasures arrived and I had to try them out. So today I made, some Comfrey Salve with Rosemary & Lavender essential oils, ( I had been waiting on the Rosemary e.o) and two lots of soap - Comfrey & Nettle scented with Lavender, Eucalyptus &Rosemary essential oils and a drop or two of sweet grass fragrance just to sweeten it a little ( smells so nice), and I also made Coconut and Lemon with a yellow swirl. I will take some photos tomorrow when it is out of the molds. I have a fair bit of herbal infused oils that need to be used before we go, the carriers won't ship anything that is open.. a jolly nuisance. I had thought perhaps to pack it myself, but if it spills or breaks and they find it has opened lids then we loose the insurance.. so I will make soap and hope it is all cured by the time we go.
The salve will be available in my wee store in the net day or so, I am hoping to be selling my soap by late December early January, just getting the bugs ironed out and the paperwork all finished. So add to the soaping a few loads of washing and a house vacum and I am about ready for a nap.. bet I will be in strife when the man finds out what I been up to today.. *smiling* well had to do something yesterday was sat on me butt making banners for my other blog and Made It shop and labels for soap and salve containers.. here is my handy work if you want to take a peek. From My Hearth 


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better! Bit don't overdo it! Remember you have a bust time ahead of you. ♥

Mother's Moon's Message said...

hope you continue on your road to wellness... shopping never hurts.. :-) and getting the goodies in the mail only makes it better.... enjoy..

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