Oct 9, 2010

Jinxed it

I jinxed it - For some odd reason when ever the kids go away, I end up with a sinus infection of something.. this time I have taken a good slap, I sound like a cross between Elmo and Mickey Mouse when my voice is around long enough to say something and I have a chestie infection and I haven't had one of those in 7 or 8 years. Someone suggested since I tend to be a "bottle uppper of things"  it is my body letting go when it feels free to do so. To spite feeling like I have been through the spin cycle of the washing machine, D and I had a few nice days.
 In my last post said I mentioned how everything we had to have happen, was all pending..haha well the next day everything happens while we were trying to have our couple of days alone.. we have had contractors in to fix a shower leak, we have had our pre pack inventory inspection and yesterday, we had our pre vacation inspection - so it is all over bar the shouting. Our dates are set and we leave here the 19th of November. We still have to find a house on the other side but thats ok..
So thats where we are at.. I'm sitting in bed with the laptop, it's 9.41am and I have no plans to do anything more strenuous than breath today..the kids come back tomorrow so I want a be a bit better by then..

Random Little Things
Mister P is a bit of a sookie boy and I could hear him barking, so after 5 minutes of said yapping I went to see what his problem was, he had climbed onto the patio table to sunbath and couldn't work out how to get down. All he had to do was step on to the chair behind him..numpty dog, but I love him!


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Feel better soon! Dopey dawg lol!

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