Oct 14, 2010

Laptop Luxury

Firstly thank you for all your get well wishes, I am not feeling as bright as I did yesterday - possibly because I decided to get up yesterday afternoon and sit in the lounge.. couldn't even knit a dish cloth.. pffft
A couple of you asked some questions yesterday, so to answer those...
Sue.. your right, I think this has been brewing awhile, it has been an incredibly intense 20 months and I have a tendency to just push through no matter how I am feeling... a wake up call perhaps to slow down and listen to my body a bit more... and delegate!
Rina... Tall, fair, good looking, sexy accent and a Dr to boot.. I am sure he would make a wonderful catch for your daughter.. she will just have to come to W.A to snag him *smiles* and yes we are still heading to Melbourne -Mornington Peninsula to be precise, we leave here in 5 weeks... my son and his girlfriend are moving back in here tomorrow, he is leaving in 2 weeks to go live back in New Zealand.. lots of changes.
Since, I have had nothing better to do today then enjoy the luxury of a lap top in bed, I have had a chance to catch up on blogs, and follow links and more links.. there is some really great stuff out there in blog land and I wanted to share a couple of awesome wee places I found today. You may already know some of these great people if not, take a look, I found it worth while.

Toward Sustainability:  Julie is a mum treading lightly and making a difference over in Newcastle, in NSW

By Way Of The Moon:  I couldn't find her name more is the pity, a Queensland lass though

MamaMoontime: Cool creative stuff for Mums and lil chillin's

A Handmade Life: A Canadian Mama with lots of good ideas and recipes

Random Little Things
Dim Sim aka Sacred Temple Kitty surveying her kingdom


Lyn said...

Oh my goodness! I'm just catching up with blog land and I find you all poorly sick. Can't believe you let the English win when you could have been tended by dreamboat S.A. ;-)

Really hope you take things easy and get well soon.



Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Just keep resting milady! ♥

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