Oct 25, 2010

Cars, Kids and BBQ's

It has been a steady old weekend for us here. I keep forgetting that 10 days ago I was in hospital with Pnemonia and when I get tired tend to push myself a wee bit, forgetting the reason for the fatigue .. I have been busy soaping again, made 4 batches this weekend, Carrot and Orange Face soap with real carrot pulp and carrot infused Olive Oil, Citrus Twist with grapefruit juice, lemon, limes and citrus essential oils, ground peel and poppy seend, then there was good old fashioned Lavender and the last and my fav Pink Champers.. smells like ginger beer bubbles or sweet champagne photos here   It smells so good and the soap curing room smells divine.. .I am looking forward to getting to the East Coast and getting my soaping business under way.
We only have 11 days with my son before he moves back to New Zealand with his girl friend. We are all trying to make the most of the time we have before he goes. I will miss them.. 9,000km is a long way away. They have been off fishing the last two nights, they had loads of fun but not much fish.. so we bbq'ed chops for dinner tonight and not the promised fish..haha.
Then all the kids big and little went out to clean my sons car that is being sold tomorrow..
We were all a bit worried it would still be here unsold when we leave.. *sigh* but Mum will be without her car , as he still needs to get to work till Saturday. Funny how that works eh :-)


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Don't ya just love them! Enjoy you last bit of time together.

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