Sep 22, 2010

Spring has sprung...

Thought I would take a minute and write my blog while sipping some Fennel tea, which I am hoping will settle my ever persistent nausea issue..  and no I am not pregnant in case your wondering. *laughing*
I have been pretty busy the last several days.. de-cluttering draws and closets getting rid of old cloths and those clothes that seemed to have shrunk somehow while I wasn't looking, I have also been trying to empty plant pots and get them scrubbed ready to be packed in 7 weeks. I am starting to get plants sorted to go to new homes shortly as well. Sort of like spring cleaning really..
My son is moving back in with us in mid October for 2 weeks, before he flies back to New Zealand. It has been a tough year for him since his marriage ended last year and he has missed his little boy terribly so he is heading back to be closer to him. Our wee man will be having surgery in a few months and I know that sits heavily with him. I will miss my boy and it will be hard to say good bye again, but we know for now it is the best right now..Luckily he is able to go back to his last job as a Corrections Officer so he will be set there.

I have watched a bare tree in my yard over the last few weeks, it blossomed with the most amazing fragrant flowers and now has new leaves. In the warm climate here on the West Coast of Australia it is really only the most subtle changes I see marking Spring.  Many of us pagan folk down here in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Ostara tomorrow -  Spring Equinox comes a sense of optimism and thoughts of all things being renewed - a time of  new rebirth, new beginnings, quiet apt really considering all the new happenings in our life presently. I will celebrate quietly this year.. with a few spring flowers and some yellow candles, perhaps an egg custard tart with dinner.. The Goddess knows my heart and as I am still not feeling 100% well - I am not feeling up to doing more this year.
I read this wonderful little poem in a quarterly magazine I get and thought it would fill the gap here nicely..

And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's darkest breast
rose from dreams of its wintry rest
-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Random Little Things
I have been enjoying my soap making very much, and have been experimenting with different oils, and recipes. I have been working towards making all the herb infused oils that I will be adding to my soaps and to some salves I am going to make.. I have already made a wonderful soap for sensitive skin that includes Macadamia Nut oil, infused with botanicals.. here are a few I have brewing on my window ledge... oh the last one is Lavender sugar.. being made to sprinkle on cookies and to make a sugar scrub...


Kristi said...

happy spring to you, wendy. love and light.

Leeanna said...

Happy Ostara my dear. The Goddess is very good to you, I can see. Yes it is strange how clothes seem to shrink like that. I have the same problem too. I just pack them away and hope soon they will come to their senses and grow back to their regular size again. *sigh* Well I can only hope for it ahahahhahahaa.

Brenda Kula said...

I have always wanted to make soaps, using herbs from my yard.

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