Sep 6, 2010

Doona Vs Bedspread

With us moving states in about 11 weeks, I am getting a few things sorted albeit very slowly! We have a large storeroom big enough to sublet actually... and over the last few months it has got seriously out of control ... I am some what embarassed to let you all see the state of this, but it will keep me on track making my way through the papers, boxes ect...
Well today I decided to tackle this after much procrastination but to do this I found I needed to move 5 spare single and queen sized doona's  (duvet inner to my non Aussie friends)
Well.... after laying said beast'ies on the spare room floor I folded, rearranged and mooshed, as best I could these feather and wool fulled monstrosities ( no I didn't always live in the land of perpetual summer) climbed onto a chair with my arms full of doona and put them on the top shelf of the equally as large linen cupboard.. after several attempts and a few expletives they were safely wedged.. 
Now  as I looked up at my handy work, I wondered what on earth happened to good old fashioned blankets and the faithful candlewick / Chenille bedspread?
I grew up sleeping under a candlewick bedspread... easy to launder, just shake and lay over the bed after it came of the line clean.. none of this jolly climbing inside and getting swallowed by an enormous pillow slip type arrangement, while trying to get your doona cover on again and definitely no OH and S issues trying to put one away either.
Does anyone remember those? I bet my Gran NEVER had trouble getting a spare blanket or bedspread into her linen cupboard.. They jury is out for me, I have used a doona for maybe 15  or 20 years now and the only time I have been under blankets has been when staying in motels in transit from one posting to another.
I remember when I first did my nurse training way back when the world was flat and everything was still  in black and white, bed making was such an important part of our mornings, 2 nurses always made the beds, with 2 linen sheets, 1 draw sheet, 2 blankets and 1 Counterpane, all with hospital corners, how things have changed. I doubt I would go back to blankets, my husband wouldn't cope with the change I don't think, but it is nice to have the memory.


Lisa said...

I gave doonas the flick years ago. Now I just add layers of woolen and cotton blankets to the bed in winter and top it off with a shaggy quilt made of old jeans and flanno shirts. Mind you we live in Qld so its not that cold here.

I use to find that I over heated under the doona, don't seem to have that problem any more using wool and cotton.

Good old chenille bedspreads, they're all the rage again.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Ah that's what a candlewick bedspread looks like with all it's wick! ;-D lol I can make you feel good about your clutter! Have a look at the last photo in todays blog post! You will feel heaps better, believe me. I daren't post a photo of the temporary office downstairs with files all over the floor! But I no doubt will, soon! :D

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