Sep 24, 2010

Hello is that Wendy?

I am sitting here feeling a bit drained.. not the physical "I have excelled myself drained" but the mentally worn out type.
My husband got off work early today and we where going to have lunch together..he gave me a call and asked if I would be happy with a take out as a bit of a treat... something we don't do often.. so I said sure and we decided on Chicken Treat.. then he sent a text 10 minutes later and said would you like KFC.. well we haven't eaten KFC in 2 years and I know he misses not having it... I can be so mean.. so I said okay why not. Well I was sitting waiting, waiting, waiting for him to get home and the phone rang.. laughing to myself as I walked to the phone  thinking how hard can it be to buy chicken for lunch..
It was one of those calls "hello is that Wendy ------- ?  My name is ----- ------- from the Ambulance Service, we have your husband with us. We are taking him to --------- Hospital, he collapsed outside KFC, he is ok and has just regained consciousness,"  With a sinking heart I grabbed the my keys & phone and headed off to a hospital that I had only half a clue where to find... I didn't know my old  little car could go so fast :-) thank the Goddess for signs and the absence of police officers.
I got there not long after him... He looked better than I thought he might.. he was pale, shaky and bleeding.
Several hours later, he was allowed to come home. They said his heart was fine, no sign of a stroke and no sign of concussion to spite the huge egg on the side of his head.. He is shoulder and hip are pretty bruised, his elbow and head is cut and he has a  lacerated tongue. Not sure why but he is feeling embarrassed.. he doesn't do hospitals well.
The Dr's seem to think he suffered a hypoglycemic type attack as his blood sugar dropped it rapidly dragged his blood pressure down with it.. this caused a seizure - it seems from what the medics said he was unconscious for about 5 minutes.. I am surprised he was discharged but I sort of trust there judgement and I know I trust my own..  His is tucked up in bed, tomorrow he will feel like he was hit by a mack truck but he will be ok.
I am more than thankful to those powers that silently look after us, those powers that led my man to text me, would you like KFC.. those powers that lead me to say after 2 years, yea sure why not... because if he hadn't asked and if I hadn't said yes.. he would have still been behind the wheel of the car, travelling down a freeway at 100kph when he collapsed, and I don't want to think how that might have ended.
So I give thanks tonight that my family is still whole., and for my husband who is home here with us tonight who I can hear quietly snoring in the next room...a sound I might not complain about again.. well maybe not just yet anyway.
Blessed, thats what we are.... Blessed.


Leeanna said...

Oh my dear friend. I do hope that was the problem and not something else. You must get him to take a glucose test at the hospital if you can. I know this because I am the same way. I have to watch my blood sugar or I'll go into convulsions when it gets low and I would hate to scare my poor David. I generally buy peanut butter and crackers for this. It works and you don't have sugar grains in the purse. Take care my dear.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Oh good grief how scary, hope he'll be ok! Tell him that's what bloody KFC does to ya!! ;D

Willow said...

I do hope all is well with your husband. Many blessings sent your way.

Louise said...

Wishing him well Wendy and you too.

Lisa said...

Oh Wendy what a terrible experience for you both. I hope he's on the mend. Take care :)

splashfish said...

Blessed Be Wendy!

My heart sings in gratitude that he is safe and yes indeed, we are guided and protected everyday ... oh what joy to notice the messages on the wind which keep us and loved ones whole - where would we be without the little signs all around us reminding us of our connectivity to earth and one another.

May blessings continue to flow

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