Sep 15, 2010

Busy making & photographing

Look at me being the worlds worst blogger and posting adverting for my wee shop here as a blog post. I have actually been busy for my Made It store today as well as making a batch of soap that near turned into soap on a stick it set up that fast.. I digress though,  I had an email from a loverly lady on Saturday night asking if I would be interested in supplying her with hand made dishcloth's and perhaps some bath items. I had everything ready to go but had not done the packaging or labels nor done the phtograghs for these items. I have posted off her order, a lovely duskie pink dishcloth, a package of herbal bath bags, along with some samples of honey and milk bath, Coconut and Lemongrass scented bath salts and also a sample of honey and cinnamon soap.. called My Honey Pie.. I am trying to be positive that she likes these things enough to purchase them in bulk so to speak to add to her "Mothers" baskets.
Her email was a good motivator to get the bits and pieces done, to actually get them online, which I did today. If you would like to see some of my handy work, hit the link down below. Bit cheeky eh. :-)
Come December, more liley early January I am hoping to start selling my soap. I have been trying a few different oils in recipes to find a nice base recipe to use. There are a few ideas for names running about in my head.. From My Hearth is nice and lots of good people helped me choose, but it doesn't specify any one thing, so I am thinking of having a special off shoot for soap. The one name I really like I am running past someone who has an unrelated product with a similar name and I want to know if she is ok with it. I was thinking also about running a poll in here so you all can contribute to this.
Anyways the link is here to check out my days efforts.    and


splashfish said...

Hi Wendy, I hope your sample soaps will be a hit and that you will get a great number of orders - anyone who tries your soap will be hooked, I know I am :)

Your "honey pie" is gorgeous and I love your milk and oatmeal soap, it is great in a bath; really moisturising - I don't know why, but I just feel like I am bathing in Christmas ... it makes me happy.

I am feeling the love!

Thanks again!

Wendy said...

I am so glad your enjoying them - I AM really happy they got there safe, I was getting worried. Most folk who I have been "testing" them on love both the Honey Pie and Oatmeal. Bathing with a hand made soap is so much nicer than a synthetic commercial bar.. I hope others enjoy my soaps as much as you.

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