Jan 22, 2009

Salmon Gums and Blessings

I am glad today has drawn to an end, and we can re-coop and move forward.. Derek and I are both emotionally exhausted, he fell asleep in a chair this evening and I have only ever seen that happen once in all the time we have been together.. The last 11 days has felt like a dream looking back, I do not recall the last time I have felt quiet this weary..
Joanne's funeral was today, it felt very odd to be there - it would not have been an occasion I would have attended had it not be for the kids.. Both Derek and I were so very proud of them, they did so well and they both found the strength to stand in front of everyone and to pay tribute to their Mum.. The Goddess has truly watched over them this last 11 days.
As we followed the hearse through this wonderful old cemetery, I did have to curb the urge to gather dirt and stones *smiling* it is the witch in me you know, however it did make Derek smile, which was nice to see.. Freemantle Cemertery it is a very, very old and I felt the sense of the place and it was so beautifully serene, alive with the sounds of birds and the fragrant scent of the gums enveloped us, it was a wonderful place of peace and rest..
The service was held in the Crematorium *chapel* and when we got inside I was blessed to notice, the back wall of the chapel was all glass.. beyond the glass wall, a small garden with the most amazing large old, salmon gum tree residing in the middle, I love these gum trees and I have always felt such a bond with them, if one can feel bonded to a tree, I always enjoy touching them if I am outdoors and see them.. however I digress... as the words of the Eulogy where being spoken around me, they felt wrong to be falling on my ears so I focused on the beautiful pinkish bark thinking how wonderfully smooth and cool it must have felt, I imagined the roots going deep in to our Earth Mother, taking in nourishment and life giving back to us life giving oxygen.. I closed my eyes and envisioned that for myself.. my roots going deep into the Earth and drawing from her energy, feeling her comfort around me.. I am truly grateful for having been able to borrow today from this wonderful old tree.. and when I feel overwhelmed at the enormity of the change, I hope i can remember that tree and her strength.. I would like to thank all of you have taken a minute to send well wishes and thoughts..
HippyMum thank you for your words and inspiration, I felt so encouraged by your sharing.. it helped so much and I am so very greatful...


Curious Curandera said...

Funerals and cemeteries always remind me of new life, a new journey in another realm

hippymummy said...

I believe that people come into each others live at improbable times or ways for a reason. Although we haven't 'known' each other long - in this lifetime anyway - our mother knew what was coming and so put me in place to share the words with you that she had gently chided me with many moons ago. If you ever want to chat or even just vent when things're getting difficult or the boys are standing on your last nerve but you don't want to burden their dad with on top of everything else then you're more than welcome to vent to me, just leave me a post and i'll give you my email address.
You're all in my prayers xXx

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