Jan 1, 2009

A New Year Dawns

While many of us celebrated our Pagan New Year at Beltane, today is the Calender New Year and as we have non Pagan family members we always welcome the year in. So come Midnight we were outdoors quietly greeting the New Year .. well as quietly as it could be with the two younger kids aged 10 and 13 being egged on by the 26 year old kid ( I wonder if people still take offence at that term *kid*) It was 2.15 am when we headed to bed.. Funnily one of the things I miss from my youth is the ability to sleep in past 6.30am.. today I made it to 7am and thought gee's girl you rock!, the house was blissfully quiet but knowing it wouldn't last, we did something we haven't done in a very very long time.. we rounded up the dog and went to the beach.. I'm not sure who was more surprised me, my man or the dog.
We have been having 100 degree temperatures the last few days, but magically the mornings dawn cool so with a slight off shore breeze it incredibly so refreshing.. Have you ever seen the Indian ocean on a prefect summer morning? Well until this morning nor had I and it was nothing short of breath taking. The sky and the ocean met in the middle of my vision and it was defined by just the slightest colour difference, it was stunning.. Mister P my wee dog, had his first ocean swim, which was so funny to watch, I think he had no idea what would happen when he ran out into the water only to find his paws where no longer on Terra firma.. the look on his little face was priceless- He is only knee high to a grasshopper and a very sensitive wee soul, so it was a major achievement for him, I only wish I had the camera..
Taking time out this morning was just what I needed, time to reconnect with the Goddess and the Elements - walking along the sand, I could really feel myself becoming more grounded and peaceful, with the caress of the waves on my legs washing away the sadness and negativity of the past week, the breeze gently blowing through my hair and clearing my mind, the heat from the sun lifting my spirits and rejuvenating me... and with this came a special time to really re-connect with my man, he has also been under so much pressure of late, it was such a joy to be able to walk hand in hand with him and just feel the serenity of the morning. The Goddess is good and she always leads us to where we need to be, including an hour on the beach.. I thank Her for Her goodness, Her bounty, Her teachings and Her love.. for even when it feels like we are alone in the darkness, she is there guiding us with her flaming torch.
Blessed Be


hippymummy said...

What an uplifting post, i'm so glad that you're getting over your upset. we can all too often take forgranted all that the Goddess provides for us and we all need lovely moments like this, where we realise just how wonderful she is, if we only open our eyes to see. thanks for this reminder! Brightest blessings xXx

Ren said...

Hi.. I came across your blog and enjoyed reading it.. So I'm just leaving a comment to say I was here..

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