Jan 25, 2009

I so love giggles!

Oh thank the Goddess - today has been normal, yes there was been one tiny kiddie melt down that got sorted really quick, yet I still managed to clean my house top to bottom for the first time in weeks. I baked Oatmeal cookies and Courtney helped me roll cookie dough, she was so ecstatic at being allowed to help, my heart ached for a minute at her enthusiasm. Both the kids rode their bikes around the neighbourhood several times during the day, it is the first time in months they have wanted to ride so they said.. Robert bought two new Hermit crabs and called them Albert and Einstein while at the same shop, Derek bought me two wonderful plagues I have been looking at buying forever to put on the garden wall - The Green Man and The Green Woman (I sooooo love these)
The kids cracked themselves up over something silly one of them said while eating lunch outside, they rolled around on the lawn laughing for 15 minutes unable to contain themselves. I made a roast chicken with all the trimmings for dinner and the kids thought it was wonderful. I planted some new herbs after dinner, Derek has been trying to understand how I ever raised teenagers, my own two plus two foster kids and managed to survive.. He keeps looking at me today like I am slightly nuts but keeps whispering "yanno I really, really love you.." I cleaned my altar, burnt incense and purple candles and truly thanked the Goddess for my life and her support..
It may have been 11 years since I have been a full time Mum.. but today felt normal.. yes the kids can be noisy and full on, but hey, they where happy, they where laughing and this evening they came to me gave me a hug and said : "We are glad we are living with you" Goddess Bless these babes, I hope through thick and thin, they may always feel this way...Because tomorrow they may turn into gremlins as kids do and I will wonder where today went..*smiles*


hippymummy said...

Wonderful! I'm so pleased for all of you, long may this peace and harmony remain. Sending my Brightest Blessings to all of you, Blessed Be xXx

Eileen said...

What a good mum you are ...now I've heard of the Green Man (love mine who lives in pine trees) but I've never heard of the Green Woman. Please post some pictures -would love to see them in their new home.....take care down under.......

mary said...

Well, I fell as though I've found a long lost friend. I have green man!! My mom gave him to me and I love him! My little girl, 8, also lost her father this summer. She was visiting him during vacation and he had a heart attack and was gone. She was the one to find him. We had been apart since my daughter was about two, and I'm sure he nor his family ever had a nice thing to say about me all those years. This has seemed to make my daughter angry at me now that her father is gone. It has been seven months now, and she is doing well, but I know her sad feelings will come out later. I pray for you and the kids so that life will be a happy one filled with wonderful adventures. God bless!! Mary

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