Jan 28, 2009

Lost track of time

The new school year starts here on Monday and we have been frantically trying to get the kids enrolled in to the best schools possible for them, we have had to fight the red tape to get them into good schools rather than the ones deemed to us by Government Zoning (grrrrrrr) a battle we actually won.. Friday we have to get them both new uniforms and books.. how prices have changed since my lot were in High School, I near fell over when I added it all up.
Unfortunately we are trying to organise what many parents have had all of the summer break to achieve and when I looked, all the pre-loved uniforms have pretty much gone. Now all I have to do is put a brick on each of their heads to stop them getting any taller and growing out of them.
I looked at the calender this morning and realised it has only been 16 days since the kids came to us, but it feels like a lifetime has flown by. One day rolls into the other and often I feel like I have not achieved much in my day, but in reality I know that's not true..
I felt a little guilty today when I realised that in 4 days it will be Lammas (Lughnasadh) this is one of my favourite festival/rituals and yet I have not one thing organised, my Altar is not decorated and that makes me feel a little annoyed at myself. I will seek out some bits and pieces and see what I can do.
My veg patch hasn't been in but a month or two and learning to grow vegetables in near pure sand in 100 degree temperatures has been a challenge so far! So on Sunday I will bake some fresh bread and try to get out to the farmers market for some seasonal vege's mainly some sweetcorn and new potatoes. I am sure I can come up with a suitable celebratory meal with this as the basis along with the bread. *smiling*
I am actually feeling better for having written this.. We have felt challenges of late, and all the while the Goddess has continued her blessings us, unorganised I may be at the moment but ungrateful I am not.. For Lammas is about Celebrations, Thanksgiving and Sacrifice and how much has that been like my life in the last few weeks.. I am feeling the little pricks of excitement at the thought of my hands into the wheat dough of the bread as I knead it, remembering to be open to the seasons, to become one with their energies and to be thankful for the abundance in my life.


hippymummy said...

Wendy, stop beating yourself up lady! You have acieved in 16 days what other parents have been doing for 10 and 13 years respectively, becoming mam, chief cook and bottle washer for two (potentially) severely traumatised children! The fact that you're functioning AT ALL is a testament to your compassion and inner strength.
Our mother knows more than any of us the depth of the challenge you've udertaken, with no hesitation i might add!, so she isn't going to be upset that your celebration will be less than full bell, book and candle. You are LIVING celebration of her, your actions every day for those kids is more of an honour to her than any pretty altar cloth could be. Go easy on yourself, the omly person that is judging you is yourself and in this you are being exceedingly harsh.
Bless you and your family, you will all be in my prayers this imbolc -for us at this side of the world anyway! Don't you think that it's very apt that as you are giving thanks for the bounty our mother has provided us with whilst i am giving thanks for all the new beginnings and opportunities this time of year represents? Both are very significant at this point in your lives, both you and your childrens. Brightest Blessings to you and your precious family, Blessed Be, Sarah xXx

bohemianmumma said...

I've never commented on your blog before but I just wanted to say how much I love coming over for a read.
I have a tree of happinness award for you on my blog; http://bohemianmumma.wordpress.com/2009/01/29/a-forest-of-happiness/


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