Jan 31, 2009

A Crone's Tale

Tonight, it is 10.48pm, and I am really to tired, exhausted is probably a better term for it, to write a "personal" blog, however this came to me yesterday and I so loved it.... Can you go from approaching Mother/Crone back to Mother? I am not sure.. maybe I can still combine the two so the kids get the best of both woman *smiles* well whatever it really gave me warm fuzzies to read so for today this is what I have to share... Before I realised the Crone aspect wasn't all doom and gloom she scared the willies out of me.. no more however and Bless Her, there is not much about the Crone that doesn't make me feel *embraced*

A crone's Tale:
As I walk quietly down the road, winds rustle the now dried leaves across my path. There is a chill now in the air that laces its fingers lightly around my shoulders. I pull my shawl tighter around me. Lamas has come and gone and Samhain fast approaches. The fields are furrowed under save for a few patches of squash and some very large pumpkins. It is very quiet and still. A hush has fallen over the land. Birds are silent and there is a hint of burning leaves in the air. Soon the snow will fly and the dark times will begin. A time for mending, sewing, preserving and of course for gathering of family and friends now has come and is welcome after the work of spring planting and autumn harvest. We will sit about the hearth. All will be dark and cold except by the fire. The children will snuggle close together by their mother's feet. Warm cider will be passed around and the men will light their pipes. It is now the story time will begin. The time for telling tales of old and perhaps a few of new, tales that were told over many generations, tales of heroism, of love and best of all stories of magick. The brave deeds done by others and the evil deeds done by their foes will widen the children's eyes with great anticipation of the ending. There will also be great and hardy laughter of ones foolish merriment perhaps not so long ago. This is a time now for rest and we will enjoy these dark days as best we can for after Yule the Spring is sure to follow and fields will again be tilled and planted, and of course Beltane will bring the maidens to wed. Summer will shine with its driving heat. The late summer will bring back the start of the harvest once more. Men will be reaping the crops and women will be drying pickling and preserving. At Lamas we will again give thanks and then full circle, it will be Samhain once more. Ah yes, the Wheel of the Year keeps turning. Seeds are sown, crops are harvested, old ones die and babes are born. I feel these years in my bones. They ache with the weight of the years and stiffen with the cold. But I still continue. I must now teach my children and their children the ways of the Ancient Ones. I must point them to the path and pray to the Goddess they follow wisely. Ah, here it is. The tree I came to see and touch. This friend was planted when I was born. It is a strong tree and will be on this earth longer than I. It will be here to shelter travelers from the sun and be home for some small creatures of the forest. How are you my old companion? Your bark is old and rough much like my skin I should think, but all the wisdom you have gathered all these many cycles and turnings of the Wheel. We have shared many stories these long years together.We have seen many come and go, many joys and much sadness as well. As I touch you I can feel the life of many years and the warmth of your brave and strong spirit within you.I should like to stay here through the dark days, but we know I cannot and you must sleep now. Well my old friend, I must turn back for home. Sleep well and safe through the dark days and I shall return in the Spring. At that I turned to walk back down the long pathway to home, when it seemed to me, as the wind slipped through his bare branches, I could hear him softly reply, "Rest well old Crone and return to me in Spring."
A tale by Niamh ©


hippymummy said...

How beautiful. I for one used to dread the thought of my crone years, old age was something to be feared. Now i'm not so sure. I can see the wisdom of many years being useful, keeping the stories for the younger ones to learn, finding that our skin is dryer, our hair loses it's colour and the medal of the crone years, grey hair sets in. For so many years this was something to hide at all costs, age was something to disguise as much and for as long as possible too.
So why is that the case? Why should we hide the wisdom that the crone years brings us? We have raised our children, set them straight and out into the world their own lives to live. Should we now hide our shrivlled faces and our tired bones? Are we something to be ashamed of, our useful lives done?
No, now is the time for us. We've done all our duties, the time now - at long last! -is ours to own. For so long our lives on others revolved.our husband, children ,making our houses a home. We can finally sit and read if we like, make plans that don't need others to agree too. This is OUR time, we can focus on the things that WE want to do, throw caution to the wind and be finally free. Our lives are full of wisdom and love, we have so much to give, years of knowledge to share, a lifetime of experience to pass on. It's up to us to make our lives how we want them to be, go out and be proud and finally do what we WANT too, and at long last, not what we NEED! xXx

Yarrow said...

I just came across this, via hippymummy, and it is so beautiful. Having turned 40 this year, I feel the crone approaching...I only hope that I can welcome her as eloquently. Blessings.

silversage said...

I am proud of my silvercrone status-it has been a long sometimes struggling road to achieve my age. Embrace all the phases of your life- each has its rewards as well as trials so be open to them & you will experience peace as you age.

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