Oct 14, 2008

Was it Retrograde?

Last week went by so fast it was a blur, this week seems to be dragging by again. My Dh starts his 3 weeks long service leave this Friday, so perhaps some of it is the countdown to this. I have a list of things to get done and so far this I week can't get all my nuts in one pile to complete any of it.
Mercury is turning direct on the 15th, after its longest Retrograde this year. Yippee.. Time to take advantage of some very positive cosmic energy.. They say that when Mercury is Retrograde, aside from communication breakdowns and misunderstandings, it can play havoc with most electrical and mechanical things.. while I am still learning about such things, I have to tend to agree. This past Saturday the lawn mower went belly up, or should I say blade up, wow you should hear it now clunk clunk clunk and it blows more smoke than a bellow, then Monday the trailer tray broke and it has a 3.000km journey to start in 16 days! All the simplest things of late have seemed quiet tough to achieve and more often or not I have been wandering around feeling like squirrel bait.
So I am hoping that with Mercury's turn Direct, will come the freedom from trying to discover how to fit 20 square feet of space into 10 without the use of a hammer, while stuck in some sort of crater sized rut.


Randilin said...

Hey Randilin from the Pagan bloggers network. I'm just surfing through the various members today and checking out the blogs and visiting. Thanks for being apart of our little group.

Great sculptures, look like it would be an amazing place to visit.

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