Oct 9, 2008

High as an Elephants eye

I have been feeling very melancholy of late, and if I was to be honest with myself, letting go of Willow was a little harder than I thought, even though he has gone to a lovely home..I would also have to say this move we are about to undertake to Western Australia is affecting me a little harder than I care to admit.
This morning I woke feeling quiet down. It is usually with a glad heart I go outdoors in the morning to welcome the day, but this morning I was hard pressed to make it out the door.. Daylight savings started here on Sunday, so my normal time is an hour earlier, I can well do without this man made idea! Although the morning was over cast and dreary due to the hour, I stood with a sad heart, my arms heavy but I gave thanks.
As I turned to the East and breathed in the energy of Air, a breeze stirred and gently touched my face and hair, like little fingers. It was if the Goddess and the Spirits where reminding me, We are here, do not fear. As I stood welcoming each Element into my day, I felt some peace, I felt their collective energy. The moisture on my lips, the breeze upon my face, the cool earth beneath my feet and the suns warmth really struggling to touch me through the clouds.. I felt that I had made the effort to show my heart to them and they in turn cocooned me in their love.
After an email to the E-group I belong to, I felt inspired enough to paint the trailer and to go mow the lawn, minus the hay baler that would have better served the purpose... Gosh it was hard work, it had not been cut for the longest time and with the new spring growth it was almost as high as an Elephants eye!
Heading toward the last few strips, I was rewarded with finding a beautiful wee flower amongst the grass. It was hardly visible, it was one of the last of the spring freesia's, how it got out of the garden and into the middle of the lawn is a mystery to me, but there it stood in all it's glory. It was perfect. It did leave me with a dilemma.. what do I do with it? Do I pick it and put it in a vase, where it would die within days or mow it? After a minute of quiet contemplation I thought both outcomes to be the same.. so I did what any good Witch would do.. I mowed around it.. and left it happily swaying in the breeze under the Apricot Tree.
Blessed be the Goddess, for she is everywhere.. and I thank her for that small miracle, that left me feeling all the more Blessed for finding it.


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