Oct 8, 2008

Red Hill and beyond

Home for us is Hastings, a historic fishing town nestled between the Port Phillip and Western Port Bays on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. It is about 80km(50 miles) S.E of Melbourne City.
Most people are surprised to find H.M.A.S Cerberus, Australia's biggest Navy recruit school here, about 3km down the road and home to about 3.000 people.. Many folks who don't know better, think the peninsula is a rich list playground or just a holiday mecca, a place where those who can afford have elite beach homes with 4x4's that never get mucky. The home of well known racing stables and where some of the regions best wines come from. Most of it is true..lol but to us, it is a quiet country place by the ocean. One where you can always find a Pelican to feed, wonder for miles amongst the gum trees, listen to the Kookaburras, kneel down beside a wild Echinda while it hunts for ants, you may even see a Koala up in Gums or a Kangaroo resting in the shade of the bush.
I have been spoilt and Blessed to have spent three years here and will miss it immensely. Living down here, I found myself also becoming happily addicted to Craft Markets. There are several about and apart from the Mornington Market one of my favourites is the Red Hill Market.
If your a gardener there isn't much you won't find in the way of vegetable seedlings, herbs and a variety of other plants. There is usually an abundance of organic veg's and fruit, beautiful homemade spelt and rye bread, not to mention honey and some wonderful cheeses. It is little wonder that I have gained a few kilos since living here!
Aside from food I found a wonderful stall that I go beck to time after time.. for virgin olive oil soaps. All the herbs, spices, flowers and grains that go into Est soaps are organic, I love the look of them too, as they are all hand rolled. When I got news that we had been posted to Western Australia, one of the things I had on my to do list was stock up on this stuff however I have recently found out I can buy online..ah the Internet is a wonderful invention however I digress..
First Saturday of every month, we make the excursion down the peninsula to Red Hill. If my daughter Sarah isn't already here for the weekend, she will often make a special trip down from the city, so we can go to the market as a family.
This past Saturday was no different, while I was still missing Willow at the end of it, I felt the need for some retail therapy and I also wanted a friend for Myvanwy. So I visited Eryl Barnett, who have a stall at Red Hill. Eryl's and her husband sculpture, and between them they have made some amazing pieces from the world of Faerie lore.
I have bought several of their pieces one of the 'Welsh Knockers' as well as Bram and Nudd the tree protecting elves. This time it was a toss up between their new creation or Genesha. Genesha came home with me, she a very classy Witch that sits on the hearth with Myvanwy.. affectionately known as "The Girls"
You know.. I can feel it in my bones, a trip to the Fae workshop before we head West in a few weeks.. I can hear a wee Dragon that goes by the name of Malanrda calling me.


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