Oct 7, 2008

New home for Willow

I can hardly believe it is Tuesday already, and my first blog entry in days.. this month is flying by, I can hardly keep up. As some of you who read my blog already know, my Dh is in the Navy, so we are a Defence Force family.. with this at times comes separation's and postings to new places - the latter of which we are about to undertake on the 31st of this month, so life for us is a tad stressful at the moment, with sorting out whats going with us and whats staying behind..One of the staying behinds is Willow, apart from Sarah, my daughter who lives here in Melbourne, the hardest thing to leave is my Willow.
Willow is or should I say was my beautiful grey Indian Ringneck parrot. I love him to bits and he is the bright little guy who learnt that if you fed Jalpenos to the dog he will stay out from under the cage and who loved to tip his bath upside down on the floor and run away and hide... I agonised over how to take him with us, I checked bird boarding places, flights for birds, but end of the day Willow had to stay here. There was not much more for me to do but advertise for a new home for him, and being the fussy bird Mummy, not just anyone would do. The night the advertisement went in I had a phone call, within moments I felt, that this person was not the one for Willow. I told her "I am very sorry but I am not sure that Willow would be the right bird for you" I coped an attitude that confirmed it.. 3 days later I was worried no one else would phone, so I lit a candle and asked that the Goddess would send someone honest and kind.. well within the hour the phone rung, when I answered the call, the voice on the other end made all my Witchy bits tingle.. This wonderful woman arrived on my door shortly after, we were just a few streets apart.. It was truly amazing to watch.. Mr *I don't know you so I don't like you* cocked his head to her voice, jabbered away at his new Mum like he had known her for years.. We packed him up and moved him to his new home on Friday afternoon... He won't be lonely that's for sure, he will have 3 other *rescued* parrots for company, nor will he miss his morning toast as Carolyn always has fruit bread on the Parrot bird menu.. I am blessed to have found someone who will love Willow like I did, and you know not one other call came asking about him after that.. The Goddess is good.


mrsb said...

Oh, I'm sorry you have to leave behind a friend...but glad you found a good home!

I was an "Army brat" growing up, and we had to move around a lot. It's always hard. The families of the military deserve a lot of respect for the sacrifices they make, right along side respect for the members themselves.

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