Oct 10, 2008

Dark Pagan Rede

This came through a group I belong too, I loved it and really want to share it with you all.
The original poem was written by a witch in the 1960's; this version is what is remembered by a witch by the name of Morrigan Stormraven and she simply asks that she be given credit.
The Copyrighted Dark pagan's Rede 2.0
soley belongs too Morrigan Stormraven.

We are Witches, We Are Ancients
Those that stand out amoung shadows
We are weavers, healers and shamans, and warriors
Judge and Jury
And This is our Creed.
Do not Offend, But Defend
Give your kin a house if they have no home
Remember in all forms are we the goddesses children in one way or another
She is the weaver, the threader and the cutter of Life
No matter what name she is called, she is the great mother, The All, The Source
Know the Great dance and the Spiral is never ending and your day's walk long, and most often someone will try and break your paths
But when the wolves tear at your heels, remember only the hardest paths are the paths worth Walking.
Life will not be without troubles, fights, hardships
And we are not witches too get nor gain
For that is but an empty path that leads too greed and the ruin of your soul.
We are the witches, singers, shamans, dreamers, weavers, healers and warriors of the wild winds, in the storms and in the fury of the storm and of Life. Our knowledge is all knowing, yet we continue too learn things everyday, as is our right.
treat your kin with as much respect as you wish too be treated and you can not be lead astray.
treasure everyday as it were your last, cherishing the beauty of all life and all things.
Protect this rugged earth mother as best you can. Honor her. Even if it is but a Rock, know that it too has its own spirit. Life is everywhere, and magick can be breathed in as its purest essance.
Know as the Goddesses child, no matter what you call her she is always there beside you, inside you and with you. Believe this always and you will never be forsaken, even when there is a lesson too be learnt that she must teach you, even if that lesson whips you across the face, it has purpose and reason.
Keep your eyes and your ears open, and listen not only with the physical eye, but the astral ones, for their are signs in all things. In the wind, the rain, the sky and the deep earth.
Never look back on your past until you feel you are ready, and remember we have a long way too go.
There is Strength in the Darkness, In Shadows and also in The Light,
And shadows can not exist without Perfect balance of Light and Dark.
We are the Children of Grey Magick, and its Power is Thine too Wield!
May the Goddess keep you
And bless you in all things, Always.
Go In Strength, Love, Peace And Honor
Be Blessed In Unity.


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