Jan 7, 2011

Tomatoes - On my mind

This Is On My Mind is a Friday photo feature over at Rhondas blog - Down To Earth  -

This box of tomatoes is on my mind.. Why? well  no matter how often I walk past them on the kitchen bench, pick up one of these Romas and smell it, then take a bite and think yummo... no matter how often I think it is ironic that I have, 7 weeks after moving from Western Australia (WA check out the box), to Victoria a few thousand km's away, I bought 10 kilos of WA tomatoes at a very cheap price in a Victorian market .. and no matter how many photos I take of this box of tomatoes, nor how often I look at it,  I can not will these tomatoes to turn into sauce.. tomorrow.. yes, tomorrow.


rhonda jean said...

yep, sauce takes a bit more work, Wendy. LOL They look delicious. I wish I had such a box to play around with. Hanno priced local tomatoes here at $9 kilo during the week. All the best on your new life in Victoria. Hugs.

Lisa said...

They look very nice Wendy. You better get started soon or you'll eat them all first!

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