Jan 16, 2011

Back to a routine

I have felt blessed to have spent a week with my beautiful daughter Sarah, it has been a little bitter sweet for her, but she has been home where she needed to be, when she needed it. Today she went home but I am looking forward to going to a craft market next Sunday with her... tomorrow my husband posts into his new position, so it will be back to trying to get the house back in order and a new routine in place. The kids head to school on the 4th of February, so I will be trying to get them into a routine without their Dad in the house everyday and try to keep them a little entertained until school starts.
Living on the "patch" here at the Navy base is a safe place for them to just go off riding or exploring, there is plenty of bush and park area around, and they can do it without me or them worrying. In fact it is kind of nice seeing other Defense family kids all running about the street and yards and into the edge of the golf course playing and not having to worry about them being "hurt" 
So back to the grind, tomorrow I am going to try out my new vacuum cleaner and as I sit and type my husband is putting together the new weed trimmer in case I should need it.. haha


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