Jan 9, 2011

Messin' in the Kitchen

Well, finally made a start on the 10 kilos of tomatoes, I so need a bigger pot, the one I use only holds 6 liters and you can't really over fill, so there will be three rounds of sauce making.. with 2.5 kg of tomatoes at a time - my Dh has suggested we take a run over to Tyabbs antique and second hand shop to see if I can find a real preserving pan... Because of the small pot I can only do a few jars at a time.. I have a bowl prepared for tomorrow.
I also made choccie chip cookies for my daughter who is coming home tomorrow for a week with her Mum, and I am so looking forward to some Mum daughter time with her,  and I also made a few Anzac biscuits as well, hiding in the pottery barrel.
For some odd reason I am not finding a balance in my kitchen since we moved in here 7 weeks ago, but I figure I will keep plodding in till I get the mojo flowing... any suggestions for the mojos speedy return would be received with open arms.


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look so yummy !!!
You have a lot of tomatoes to preserve. I do hope you can find a pan.
To get the mojo back in the kitchen ?? Have you tried hanging dried herbs and maybe a kitchen witch ???
I hope the mojo will come back real soon.
Have a great day.

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