Jan 11, 2011

Queensland Disaster

Tonight my heart and spirit is looking North of here to Queensland, where 3/4 of the state is now a disaster zone and the worst is not over yet. It is very hard to watch the images on the television, knowing that people have lost family members, homes, business.. This video is from Toowoomba , just one area hit -

There are numerous organisation taking donations to help the flood victims, this is a web site I have chosen to place here should anyone wish to help with this..


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I wondered about you in all this. Glad to hear you are safe yet my heart goes out to all the others less fortunate. Thanks for sharing the website...

Anonymous said...

It is very sad. We watch it on the news here in The Netherlands too. Those poor people. I do hope the rain and flood will stop soon.
My thoughts are with them !!!

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