Jan 25, 2011

Catching Up

What has been going on over the last few week... yikes, water
Pittance compared to what happened in Queensland, but the start of the garage flooding after a heavy down pour here. The water rose another 4 inches after this was taken.. completely covered the garage floor, where we had stored a queen size mattress and base, my daughters plasma tv, a deep freeze, dish washer, fridge and a number of boxes of uniforms, clothing and books.

By this stage we realised it wasn't going to stop coming, the camera was made redundant as Sarah and I were the only ones home we hauled, tugged, lifted and dragged what we could out the water. Not a lot we could do, so it was more wait till the water went down and mop up.. we did save the bed and the TV, with a bit of girlie ingenuity and power :-)

While I measured, pinned and sewed .... the younger kids
 went up the road and bought me home a dozen big bull rushes, I love them. I need a piece of florists block to arrange them nicely, they will last months even without water.

A relaxed Sunday afternoon.
While Courtney was happily drawing and Sarah was engrossed in the paper

fresh breadcrumbs were made

I prepared some fresh beetroot to have with ..

our dinner.

 It has been a little hard getting back into the routine of getting up early when you haven't had to do it for a month or so.. My mind has been busy but my body is having trouble catching up - on a whole, it hasn't been to bad, although


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Hope there wasn't too much damage done! Annnd we have the smae food processor! Good innit! :D

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