Aug 19, 2010

Simple Things

When I was younger, much much younger I was like many my age on the, ' I want it,  I need it'  merry go round...  clothes with a tag that said it was made by someone another my age might recognise, bottles of perfume, more make up than I could use, half of it got chucked away in the end,  I had more watches than I could wear at anyone time - my motto was, "you can never have enough watches" I collected them like I did hand bags.. and in those handbags was everything I needed... I couldn't even begin to list half of what I used to lug around with me. If I wanted it I bought it, even if I didn't need it - I really didn't seem to place much value on things, I guess I was like that until I got to my mid to late 30's... then things changed somehow.
I'm not sure if any one thing bought about the change - be it my brush with cancer, numerous surgeries, my job working in palliative care -  The sentence that comes to mind and I quote it often, even though I do not remember where I first heard it... "People are more important than things" 
I have in the past, left a 15 year relationship and took nothing but a suitcase and a box - got on a plane and flew to a new country!  It was both terrifying and liberating, now that showed me how much "stuff" I didn't need.
Today again I have a house not mine, and it has nice things in it... eBayed, free-cycled and bought new.
My DH and I sometimes wonder through a mall or store and joke about having a new projector tv, and Blue ray and a this and that and then we roll our eyes and we have a laugh. We are happy and content with what we have and you know the simplest things, made with love often make me the happiest and give me the biggest rewards..
Like this wonderful wooden soap mold made by my husband.
 Who has the confidence and ability to fix multi million dollar military weaponry, yet he said he wasn't much good at carpentry.
He wasn't sure if he could build me a soap box with a couple of bits of scrap wood and an old and barely functional saw.
Well he did, it's simple, has a divider for smaller pours and it is absolutely perfect and I love it-  it works a treat and is just what I needed.!
See, perfect shape for my latest soap, which is Calendula and Orange, sitting here waiting to be cut -

Random Little Things
More white board madness. I think this is a deep rooted primal urge being released. I have Neanderthal children...Bless them


Enchanted Moments said...

Your soap looks lovely..........

Lisa said...

Your soap looks wonderful and what a lovely husband you have making you a soap mold.

splashfish said...

For some reason, unbeknown to me, I often can't see posted pictures. This is one of those moments. However, I take the ladies by their word; I am sure the soap is just lovely :)

I have been hinting with multiple email attachments ( topic: soap box making) for my man to follow suit and build me a soap box.

Holding my breath in ...3....2....1....naaah! Not worth the headache, squint eyes or bulging cheeks ... I will just have to learn carpentry :)

Carole said...

Hi, good stuff here. I'm a newbie reader of yours, but will be back!

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