Aug 28, 2010

In the Yard today

You can tell spring is in the air here, well it didn't feel like it really left to be honest, but outside this afternoon was lovely, so out came the camera to take a couple of piccies of what was out there...
Can you guess what this is? Well I tried to take a photo of the Mama but for some reason she wouldn't photograph clearly, she is most beautiful, but with this many babies and more due, I am kind of glad I am moving out... have you guessed yet, no? Well they are baby spiders. There are two webs full, each holding maybe 700 bubs and another cocoon close to hatching.
I do not know what kind of tree this is but the flowers smell soooooooooooo good.. and the shot would have been clearer if Ms Bee would have sat still.. This is the tree was the back drop for all the photos of our handfasting.

Every garden needs an owl, sadly I do not have enough tree's for an owl, so this is perfect for now. I am hoping when we move back to Victoria in about 12 weeks, we will have more owls about.

This is my beautiful old Crone, she sits here as happy as, although the first day I put her here, DimSim aka Sacred Temple Cat gave her a jolly good slap around the hat.. just to show who was the boss. Looks like she has been picking flowers and putting them in her hair.

Now lookie what I found, a kid and a kitty.. Miss C wanted to dig some weeds out of the lawn, and Dimmy came to help.. or hinder. When ever anyone is tugging weeds or digging, the cats afoot.

Last but not least, a rather wonderful Gargoyle, sitting between the water feature and the patio door. He sits over looking it all... I love Gary, isn't he handsome. The photo really doesn't do him justice. 


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