Aug 17, 2010

Busy Days and Pooh!

It has been a crazy sort of time this past week... I'm getting over my infection, I have been sorting a store room full of *stuff* into piles of keep and off to the op shop you go,  Have had housing inspections/meetings with Defence Housing, had the kids to their Nans for the weekend which meant D and I had time to take a breath and discuss when we leave, no decision made there... we have two birthdays this Friday one being Miss C who is turning 12, and on a daily basis we have been reminded.. I can't work out why she thinks we could have possibly forgotten... and I have turned my kitchen into a oil infusion factory.. Calendula which I turned into some *fingers crossed* nice looking soap today, I have Chamomile as well as dehydrated orange and carrot infusing in Macadamia nut oil.. they will be soaped if I have time in a day or two.. pictures to follow..
Short tonight, but I am trying to finish off knitting another couple of things for my Made It store.. but I would like leave you with a sweet wee quote from Pooh.. Bless him

"You are braver then you believe, Smarter then you seem, and Stronger than you think" Winnie the Pooh


Leeanna said...

Ahh Pooh Bear. The smartest little bear in the world with very little brain. I love him to death. Your soaps sound marvelous. I wish you and I lived closer because I would be buying them off you. I dearly love Chamomile soap. There was a woman who made it here in town but she died last year. I miss her and her soaps.

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