Aug 11, 2010

Just drink it!

I have been such a slacker lately as far as my blog has been concerned. I am absolutely chocked full of yet another sinus infection, about my squillionth since December, will maybe squillion is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is about my seventh course of antibiotics, hoefully my last. Why you may ask, well on Monday I went to see a pretty neat lady, Anita Gilbert from Womens Health Naturally  she is has been a naturopath for 15 years and came well recommended.
I had been procrastinating over making an appointment for, oh about 6 weeks I think... not long at all really in the greater scheme of things, thats my justification and I am sticking to it, just like the stick it note with her number on, stuck to the phone.
Anyways, I got to the point where I was sick of feeling sick and tired, and after an appointment lasting well over an hour and a half, I came away a little wiser and with a new hope that while there may not be instantaneous miracles, I will start to feel better as my body has a chance to heal it self.
Some things I was really surprised at, those of you who have a knowledge of natural medicine may already know these snippets, like the sinus problems I have been having, are a very common complaint in menopausal women due to low estrogen... so umm... why didn't my Doctor tell me this 7 sinus infections ago? Wait, what about all the money I have spent on the tests the Doctor said I needed for all the tummy problems I have been having for near 2 years, so ummmm.. why didn't he tell me that the change in the dominance of hormones can and does cause some pretty painful digestive problems.. Not to mention the joint pain, fatigue and insomnia... I was really honestly starting to think I was loosing the plot, that I was developing some sort of nutty hypochondria.
But guess what, it wasn't my imagination, I did and do have REAL symptoms,  that can be fixed.
Maybe the surgery I had, couldn't have been avoided but some better information would have been nice.. I am trying to quell the feelings of wanting to pull his boy bits over his head, for leaving me in the dark on this stuff for nearly 18 months or more..
Rant over.. I am now taking this, potion tailored for my personal needs, a mix of Eye Bright, Passion Flower, Dong Quai, Ginger and some more herbs and it tastes like.. well it tastes like something I have never experienced.. Badly burnt coffee - come compost, mixed with a hint of licorice. Num Num Num - Tried it straight, tried it mixed with juice, tried it mixed with water - end of the day - just drink it!


inannasstar said...

Did she also recommend a netti pot to cleanse your sinuses daily? I swear by it in the Fall and Spring.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I am with you in regards to doctors... it seems they just want your money at times.... glad to hear that you finally found something that is helping you....

Lisa said...

Interesting info Wendy, I'm going through a similar thing as well, thankfully not sinus problems. Might have to find me a good Naturopath. Let us know how you're feeling :)

Louise said...

Wishing you well Wendy-

I have has sinus infections on and off for the last 2 years, and numerous antibiotics- I see a wonderful naturopath but my best relief comes from cranial osteopathy.

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