Aug 25, 2010

Little House Sprites and Bath Bags

Well, since I was here last, Miss C  turned 12 and I survived the trio of giggling young girls.Two large trays of homemade pizza and garlic bread - not to mention a large chocolate cake were eagerly devoured by said girls affectionately renamed the 'house sprites' as well as two older brothers, one brothers girlfriend and a husband.
Really they were a pleasure to have over, even if they did have the insane red headed step mother act at 3.30am, when they managed to wake us up from way down the other end of the house.. maybe I am just to out of practice...or they woke to play brownies in the middle of the night.
They are a little bit cute though...
This week so far has been taken up with sorting the store room, I swear I am going to disappear in there never to be seen again.. It's like a whole other world in there.. maybe if I get bold I will take a photo to show you the chaos.. far more fun was pulling out my box of botanicals and essential oils for some bath bag making.
Everything I need grounds and whole oats, Chamomile, Lavender, Passion flower, Rose petals, Calendula  and Lavender essential oil..
Into a bowl go all the botanicals, the lavender is mixed with a little Natrasorb (natural starch) then added..
It really smells lovely, even without the lavender essential oil, the chamomile comes through nicely. When it is all mixed, it goes into bags like big tea bags and sealed with an iron. Here is the finished product. 

Already for my Made It store. ... oh and my bathroom :-)


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