Oct 19, 2009

Total Weirdness

The weekend has been a bit of a hit and miss affair, seriously weird in fact. There hasn't been any of the wonderful domestic and pre nuptial bliss one would expect after a mere 4 weeks post marriage. I think we need to put it down to me still not feeling 100% phiscally well, the build up to it all the wedding preperations, and normality kicking in with my Dh back being back in uniform after a months leave all the while feeling like he hasn't had a break. We decided around lunch time to take a few deep breaths and stop butting heads and take a minute to re group, funnily it worked..yes I can be a slow learner.

So with the children banished on their bikes to far off places, more likely under a tree in the local park, we decided to go out into the garden. I walk very slowly around getting D into the garden, he is not a gardener, doe's not have green thumbs and cringes at the very mention of it.. however today we pulled down all the old sweet peas and the trellis it was on( another pleasant surprise was his making of said trellis) and erected some rattan type fency stuff.. pure cosmetics, the grey slate looking fence is just plain butt ugly. I plain to grow some beautiful big summery sunflowers there. I really wish I could grow vegetables in this ground as well as I can some flowers! I used to use old ammunition boxes as veg planters back East and I grew beans, and English spinach in them, over here narda, diddly squat grew and I refuse to pour more money into the garden beds, as we have no idea how long we will be here, and every time I tried since being here it failed. You really need a lot of compost, it you move back the mulch it is pure sand.. like on the beach sand.. Miss C gets bored and moves back the mulch and makes sand castles in it, no seriously, it's true. All these houses are built on left over sand dunes, it is an old WWII ordinance site..
One more try though, this time I am going to get a couple of old deep tubs and put a couple of tomatoes in, if they fail to grow I shall hang up my green thumb protectors until we get to a place, out of the hot winds and arid sand.. *smiles* someone suggested chili plants... and I may just take her up on the idea, thanks Aeris


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