Oct 15, 2009

Changes in the Wind

I have been thinking for a few days about changing Hedge and Hearth.. Not because I have out grown her, well maybe just a little, but because things have changed since 2007. When I created Hedge and Hearth, the feel of the site was where I was at, at the time. I was living in the rural areas of greater Melbourne, Victoria. Amazingly fragrant gums bordered our yard, whispering pines kept me company as I walked the quiet shores of Western Port Bay and an array of the most wonderful birds were my companions in the hedges and trees around our house.. but almost a year to the day, we left that all for a new life and one that changed beyond our comprehension when we arrived in the coastal area of Western Australia.
I now live in a very dry coastal area, where growing even a small veg patch is near impossible and in the suburbs can you believe, on what was an old RAF bombing range..well at times I can't... TV Antennas and tiled roofs dot my view, not a bird song could be heard when I first moved here, truly a pagan in the city - but on the up side we are a scant kilometre from the Indian Ocean, the fresh breeze of the Fremantle Doctor cools the air every afternoon, the sky on a fine day is something to be remembered, the stars so close at night you could almost reach out and touch them, and over the last year I have had butterflies and feathered friends visit, two pigeons and two Willy Wagtails, they feature strongly in the myths and legends of the indigenous people here. I was so excited to see them drinking out of my water fountain, and they all come on a daily basis now. I digress though.
Because of the changes - leaving the fertile and lush state I loved and moving across the continent to a Coastal area, becoming a full time step mum again after 11 years to two children, getting married and trying to lead a more positive, focused and clean and green living life, it has made me want to *lighten and brighten* Hedge and Hearth.
I am thinking also about changing its name and moving it next door. The only thing holding me back are those people who come to read.. I would hate to lose you in the move, so I would love to know what you think about a new look and a new name?
Thank you all for coming to read and for the emails sent privately asking after the children since there mum passed on, and all the well wishes for my hand fasting and wedding..

Bright Blessings to you.


miss*R said...

Hello!! I followed you from Docwitch's... and it seems that you, DW and myself are going through exactly the same thing... I have walked away from my blog Tales of Inglewood for awhile.. and will come back in a month or so in a new home..

so exciting finding yet another gal like me who lives in the same country, even if it is on the other side !!

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