Oct 20, 2009

Rise and Shine

I got yanked out of a peaceful slumber this morning by an alarm set 20 minutes to early..uh huh 20 minutes can make all the difference to my abilities at remaining sane while uncurling myself to the world, but also by an alarm whose dial had been bumped to ear deafening proportions! I did take comfort in the fact that the culprit was also left with heart palpations after being propelled out of bed by what seemed to be an ejector mattress. It was amusing, very amusing and while I am not one to shriek revenge, sometimes payback can be a tiny bit sweet...
Since I was awake and filled with mirth at 5.30am, I decided to put the day to good use. By 9am, children were fed and packed off to school, several battles with a dragon had been fought in Castle Age *insert suitable shamed face* yes on Facebook (justification-I was eating breakfast at the time), two loads of laundry were done and flapping in the breeze, and a cup with yeast was bubbling on the bench ready for the days bread, which Dh said had to many seeds attached to it last time pffft - today I put the decoration on the inside he doesn't seem to notice them then.
I also got around to making the toasted muesli I posted about last week. I really enjoy making my own... knowing what's in it and mores to the point, I know what's not in it! It is like reading an industrial chemists handbook when looking at the contents of some packet food at the supermarket., some of those words I can't pronounce never mind know what they, and we as a nation eat this stuff.
For sometime now, about a year, I have been having stomach problems. Mainly some pain and nausea, I succumbed and went to a Dr who after numerous tests and ultra sounds could find nothing, he wanted to treat it as an ulcer with no proof that it was..go figure, so it had to be what was going in. It has been some what better if I do not eat too much processed food, I could be barking up the wrong tree but for now it's working for me along with some probotics.
Making my own bread, muesli, yoghurt etc is also about making good choices for my family and for the environment, and while I am just one person, I do like to think I am making a difference in some small way.
I have posted the recipe for this muesli over on The Witches Kitchen


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