Oct 6, 2009

Deep ruts and Inspiration

There are a couple of wonderful woman, who have niche's on Blogger and Blogspot and I am so grateful to both of them. They probably have no idea I feel this way.
While I have not been blogging myself, I always try and come to take a peek at theirs. Docwitch at Dark Side of The Broom can always make me smile with her musings along with Rhonda at Down To Earth who has such a down to earth outlook on life, have been such an inspiration to me, more so the last few days. You see I have come to realise that I have been a serious rut over the last few months or so, and to spite my beautiful hand fasting/exchanging of wedding vows three weeks ago, I have been feeling like I am not coping to well with life lately and getting a little down - Part of the reason I have not been blogging to much I guess...not to mention adding all the organising for the nuptials. Over the last few days I have felt so lifted in spirit by reading these to wonderful blogs, that I again feel the muses stirring. So thank you docwitch and Rhonda..
My big son flew in from New Zealand for our special day on Sept 19th, it was such a blessing to see him, I miss him a great deal, the last time we seen each other was July last year, so we tried very hard to make the most of the two weeks he was with us. It was so good to see all four kids, big and little get on so well as it was the first time my son had meet the two younger ones... they seemed kind of excited to have a new big brother. It was sad Samantha couldn't have come with him from New Zealand this trip, but as my 13 month old grandson is still not well often with FPIES we are all hoping by next year he can come for a visit his Nana and new Step-Granddie with his parents.
Tomorrow, I will post some snippets and photos of the hand fasting ceremony, it was beautiful with a strong Celtic feel to it.. not surprising since my man was Edinburgh born and bred.
Well I am off to toss a few veg's around in the kitchen.. it's a beautiful spring evening and I think we might just eat outdoors.


docwitch said...

Thanks for your lovely words Wendy! And...congrats on your handfasting! That's lovely news. And just welcome back in general. Lovely to be reading you again. Let that blogging mojo roll!

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