Oct 16, 2009

Balmy Spring Days

I was blown away by the day here today.. 30c the sky was pristine blue and cloudless.. and a wonderfully warm wind blowing in from the East, *smiling* made all my witchy bits tingle - and I got taken to lunch, what a treat. My DH managed to get off base early to take me to lunch. It was such a treat and the first time we have had together alone since we got married/hand fasted mid September, a real date. We don't eat out often so it was easy today to say let's go. We went to an old pub owned by an old bloke from Liverpool, I drank genuine English scrumpy on the veranda, before eating fresh snapper and prawns with garlic, so yummy. The company was wonderful and the view of the gum trees and lake couldn't have been more picturesque.
Afterwards it was back to business so to speak, and that was heading to my fav little shop. The Bread Making Shop for bread flour, molasses, oats, thread coconut and nuts . Tomorrow I will be making home made muesli.. much better than store bought - no chemicals nor additives and oh so tasty. If I get a spare minute I will post it on The Witches Kitchen.


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