Jun 27, 2009

Save Midwifery

There was a time, when a wise woman was was called to the mother whose body ached with the pains of labour. She came to the blessed mother whose body bore down and gave forth such a wondrous blessing. She aided the mother with her skill, with her hands etched with the years of her work and her healing herbs.... In our modern society the choices are being ripped away from woman, the bearers of life.. Doctors and hospital take over with harsh lights, and insanely sterile conditions.. where your choices are over powered with that which are decided are right for you... bring back the rights of natural birth! It is about family, it is about new life, it is about your baby and your body... You choose, don't let the others decide how you bring life into this world.. let our midwives not be persecuted nor prosecuted for the wisdom and care they bring to our families and our homes.. Blessed Be The Woman! Daughter of the Goddess, it is your choice, your right!


docwitch said...

I'm really worried about this legislation. It's a massive step backwards. It essentially means that homebirth will be illegal (registered midwives will only be able to attend births in a hospital).

The implications for women, their babies and their families, (and the wider community), are distressing. And I don't think that's being dramatic either.

Beth said...

This would be an awful piece of legislation. Hospitals are terrible places in my opinion.

I really hope this won't be passed, it would be a terrible infringment on women's and families' rights.

The Awakened Heart said...

Yes. Well. I could go on and on and on and ON about this. The idea of having my right to birth privately and safely at home with a midwife and support of my choosing, taken away from me makes me fairly fierce. There is a massive movement up here (in the hills of the Dandenongs) and there will be many, many women marching in Canberra in September to oppose the legislation. It's unbelievable to think that a woman could suggest these reforms. We truly are living in a man's world! Take a look at this though - this is a conservative MP lobbying against the labour legislation to abolish homebirths. Who'd have thought it. At least someone is on our side. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNJA4k-2OkI

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