Jun 1, 2009

Have you ever....

Another week gone and no posts from me.. the family have all had headcolds, and hopefully Master R the last one to get it is on the mend, I have just packed him off to bed early...
I really want to take a minute to thank each of you who have taken the time to post a comment of support.. it means so very much to me.. Sarah(Hippy mum) you bought a tear to my eye, thank you so much sister.. I have in fact lost your home email adress.. if you could email me at bypass.urban@gmail.com I would love to contact you...
There is a huge ammount of thunder and lightening about.. so I am going to turn the PC off, but before I go I wanted to share something I found today, and I think many of us can relate to this...
Blessings to you all, I am going to sit on my back patio and watch the lightening across a Wester Australian night sky.

Have you ever...
By Emily Rose Matthews
The Temple of Cybele - June 2009 Newsletter
You ask me, "Why are you a Pagan? What do you mean, you worship nature?"
Have you ever... climbed a mountain ?
Stood at the precipitous edge and gazed out at the valley far below; Watched an eagle or a hawk, fly and navigate the winds as he swooped and dived in an aerial dance of pure living; Saw the incredible beauty of the world laid beneath your feet; Or marvelled at the artwork in a rocky formation of enormous proportions?
Have you ever... swam in the ocean?
Let the currents of waves generated hundreds of miles away carry you; Tried to follow a school of fish, or a single crab, as they scattered about looking for food amongst their own private underwater garden; Gazed in awe at the wondrous colors in a totally alien world within our own; Or sat on a beach and gazed at the sunset over the water, feeling totally at peace?
Have you ever... walked in a forest?
Wondered at the tallness of the trees, considering their age, numbers and variety; Watched the multitude of life-forms, from a nest of baby birds to a colony of ants working diligently to maintain their own little world; Felt joy at seeing the new spring leaves, or melancholy at them falling in autumn; Or enjoyed the feeling of solitude, yet sometimes wondering if you are being watched?
Have you ever... looked at the stars ?
Sought to find the pictures of ancient constellations in the different patterns; Tried in vain to count them, and feeling small, yet somehow kind of special in the overall scheme of things, having been born at all ? Experienced the excitement of spotting a shooting star, or the northern lights; Or wondered, with all those stars, and all those worlds, if we are alone or not?
You ask me, "Why are you a Pagan? What do you mean, you worship nature?"
If you have done any of these things and can still ask, you'd never understand the answer.


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