Jun 22, 2009

Blessed Litha/ Yule

Well it has been a coons age since I have posted... we have weathered a few rounds with a pretty nasty virus in our house D even got sick and he never gets sick..lol, it was topped off with a sinus infection for me and the indignity only a woman can suffer when she takes a course of antibiotics.. blessed be the folk who discovered probotics!

I do hope you have all had a Blessed Litha in the North and for my sisters down here in the South wonderful Yule time celebration.. ours was very low key this year.. I even missed the Pagan fair.. *sigh* however the weather really turned winter for the day which was nice.. I have missed real winter since being over here on the West Coast.

Things are moving along with the plans for our hand fasting/wedding in September and we have found a beautiful Pagan celebrant who can do both the hand fasting and civil ceremony... although it will be a small ceremony it is still a bit of a handful to plan.. we are actually looking to have it here at home in the yard, as the weather is more than likely going to be inclement.. Tamara our celebrant has a beautiful acreage amongst some very old gums, and I am also leaning toward her kind offer, we do not plan on having a *reception* but more than likely something like cake and wine (mead)... time will tell, however tomorrow I am off to the scrap booking shop to get some goodies to make the invitations...


hippymummy said...

It sounds like your plans're coming together which is lovely. i think that people can go overboard with spending on weddings these days so it sounds like you've got the right idea, home made invitations are much nicer and more personal anyway. although you have till september to get things sorted it'll be here before you know it, as for the cake and mead well, put me down for a bit of both. I love mead, it's my favourite drink, i don't really likethe taste of most alcohol - which didn't prevent me indulging in my younger days mind you1- but mead is delightful. I hope things continue to go well for your special day, much love to you all, Sarah xXx
p.s. you got mail xXx

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