Jun 4, 2009

Joy oh joy..not

I had truly forgotten what it was like to have kids in the house that leaked at both ends! Master R, precious wee darling.. got over his cold.. and the morning he was to go back to school, developed some sort of gastro, bless him. Home from school he stayed again, his derriere firmly glued to the po' if you will excuse the glued pun... It was short lived thank the Goddess after a speedy visit to the chemist, after a couple of doses of Imodium he was back to his near normal self... he was however, banished to his bedroom with a pile of books and mugs of weak tea.. I did threaten to hang a bell about his neck if he presented with any more symptoms of anything nasty and unwelcome... Alas - he may have toddled off to school as happy as a sand boy today... but I sit here typing with my nose running as rough as a Bombay tram, my head feeling like a busted hockey puck, feeling somewhat out of whack with the world... thank you Master R *grimace*
I am off to bed for an early night with my newly arrived Spellcraft magazine under one arm and a steaming mug of lemon and Manuka honey drink in the other hand.... Maybe, just maybe I will escape the usually ensuing, after head cold sinus infection and be up to blogging something half decent very soon.


streetsmart said...

Hi there! Saw this site while browsing. Quite interesting blog you got here.

Colds seemed to strike kids these days. Good that your boy got over his cold quickly, but no thanks to the tummy attack. Hope you'd get well soon too.

Looking forward to read more posts from this blog. :)

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