Jun 5, 2009

D is for Dimmy

D is for Dim Sim, our 17 week old half Birman kitty. I read recently that colour point cats are very much cats of mystery and each type of colour point cat has it's own mystery and tale to share. Did you know that the intelligent, intuitive, aloof but amazingly loyal Birman cats are known as The Sacred Temple Cats? If you would like to read the legend then click here..

There are days when DimSim really does resemble The Sacred Temple Cat, she greets me with a purr almost so loud the windows vibrate, contented, she follows me about the house like a puppy and is happy just *hanging about* when I am in the garden... Since she is still young, she sleeps in the laundry at night, no not in the cosy bed we made for her, but in the nest she made for herself on the bottom shelf of the linen cupboard, on the first night we got her. She goes off to bed at night with a bowl of Whiskas cat milk and wakes us every morning the same time between 6.30 and 6.45am... yes she is precious and sacred...

This morning was a tad different, as my Dh was going into work an hour late, I was going to get a chance to sleep in, so when my stuffy nose woke me earlier than usual. I thought to avoid our Dimmies normal caterwauling "I'm awake, can you hear me, open the door" ruckus, I thought to liberate The Sacred Temple Cat. When she saw me, she happily uncurled herself and jumped down from her place in the cupboard.

Well, it seems that during the night, our Sacred Temple kitty had been worshipping at the altar of the Goddess Chaos! Now, while Chaos has it's place, it's place is not in our still semi-dark bedroom, on a rather chilly June morning. I should have had my first clue when she raced me to the bedroom, used the dog who was sleeping quietly on his rug, as a trampoline to catapult herself into the middle of the bed.. How blimmin' innocent did she look to, waiting for me to climb back under the sheets..

No sooner was I horizontal, did she walk over my Dh, and onto my pillow. There she rolled into my hair, chewing and purring until she was placed unceremoniously at the end of the bed by my Dh. Two seconds later she was back, this time onto my bedside table, where she decided to play, swat the chunk of amber all over the place. Once again placed at the end of the bed, she got onto the floor and while hanging upside down by her claws, under the bed base she raced with goodness knows what until she got bored.. there was silence, oh bliss.. perhaps she had curled up with the dog.. no such luck.. back onto the bed, onto the other bedside table..did it stop there nooooooooo..... she decided the potted fern did not need its fronds, and ate the remaining three down to mere stubs.. with both D and I fully awake now she climbed back onto the bed and after 45 seconds of frantic crying, I realised just to late that she neeeeeeeeded potty, and right now!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe it, in 30 minutes she had tried to eat and then tangle herself up in my hair, rearranged two bedside tables, annoyed the dog till he went to sleep on the couch, chewed the corner off one magazine and ate one pot plant, then in her frenzy forgot she was house trained and pee'd on the bed.
So at 6.40 with lungs wheezing like a set of old bellows, my nose streaming and generally feeling miserable, I was washing the sheets, doona and the cover... while The Sacred Temple Cat twirled purring merrily at my feet like this was an every day occurrence, before running off to take a cat nap with her dog..
They say the soul of a monk resides within the body of The Sacred Temple Cat ... I have to wonder though, if perhaps Dimmies monk, had been ex-communicated *smiles*


Susan said...

Merry Meet, Wendy!

I very much enjoy reading your blog. Your kitty is adorable. I am in the process of setting up a magickal blog, in addition to my mundane one. You seem very knowledeable about posting other links - ie the pagan blog tag, on your page. Would you be so kind as to help me figure out how to get that link to my new site. I want to be a member. Thanks and Blessed Be!

Beth said...

lmao I really needed that.

I completely understand though currently I am dealing with two large breed dogs that belong to my sister. They are currently trying to play with my very ornery guniea pig, Leo.

Just like your story funny as hell but really only in retrospect.

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